Switchwords for Success at Work: Use Them For 7 Types of Situations

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Success at work is essential to us all, so I want to tell you about using switchwords for more success. Have you never heard of switchwords before? Switchwords are magic words you can use to manifest your desires into reality. I have used them since 2016, and they have improved my life. You can chant them, write them, or say them silently in your head. When you use the right switchwords consistently, they will help you become more successful at work.

Success at Work

Achieving success in the workplace requires more than just hitting all the right metrics. It also involves having a mindset that encourages risk-taking, experimentation, and growth. This means allowing yourself to make mistakes, learning from them, and pushing yourself to reach new heights.

Also, success at work entails developing meaningful relationships with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. These connections can help you build a network of people who can help you succeed and work with you. Your success at work is about feeling fulfilled and having a sense of purpose. To achieve this, focus on your goals and nurture relationships with those around you.

Using Switchwords for Success at Work

Switchwords are incredibly powerful tools that can be used to manifest change and solve problems in your life and at work. By repeating specific words or phrases, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to focus on the goal you want to achieve. Because of this, switchwords are great for getting ahead in your career because they can help you break through barriers and get what you want. Whether it’s getting a promotion, developing new skills, or finding a job, switchwords can help you get there faster and with greater success.

Different Obstacles You May Face At Work

Obstacles to success at work are more than “I can’t” thoughts. They are the “I don’t” thoughts. They are the thoughts that prevent you from putting in the effort. They are the thoughts that keep you from being inspired. Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that keep you from taking a leap of faith and going for it. Everyone can have a limiting belief, whether it comes from societal pressure, peer pressure, family pressure, or financial pressure.

When you believe something is impossible and avoid trying it, those beliefs will limit your ability to do things. When you think, “I don’t want to try because I know that I can’t succeed,” then self-doubt will creep in, and you won’t feel like reaching your next goal because you know it is beyond reach.

Obstacles all start with making personal and business decisions. These decisions can be about:

  •  who you are as a person;
  •  what you want out of life;
  •  how you want to spend your time and money;
  • what you want to accomplish in your career and where you see yourself going.

It is these decisions—these monumental shifts in where you put your effort and capital—where success or failure rests on your shoulders.

I now want to give you switchwords for seven types of situations you may face at work.

Switchwords for Lack of Motivation

Success at work is a marathon, not a sprint. For most people, the first few months of their career can be a bit of a struggle as they struggle to find their feet and find their “voice.” If you want to be successful, it takes perseverance. It takes determination. It takes a severe amount of self-awareness.

You must stay committed and keep your head high when things go wrong. You have to hold your head high when you get good results, even if you don’t feel like it, because that’s the benchmark you’ll have to look for to stay on top in that industry sector. But even if you work hard and want to be successful at your job, it is normal to have days when you feel like you need more motivation to do something. Repeat these switchwords whenever you experience a lack of motivation:

DivineORDER: restore the situation to what it was (before becoming demotivated).

PURGE-CANCEL: eliminate unwelcome ideas about lacking motivation.

POSTPONE: Let go of the feeling of lack of motivation.

TESLA-ON-DECLARE: Obtain energy, generate new ideas, and create opportunities.

Qualified-FULL-VICTORY: Reach your goals, feel skilled, successful, and whole, boost your self-esteem, and feel accomplished. Learn new skills to do new things, increase your capacity, overcome obstacles, and reach your goals.

Switchwords For Procrastination

According to research, a belief that something is impossible often has more impact on an individual than a belief that something is possible. Indeed, you can’t stop procrastinating, but you can know when you’re doing it and learn how to get past it.

The University of California published a study called “The Effect of Beliefs on Procrastination.” The study found that how people thought they could do well on complex tasks greatly affected how much they procrastinated.

In other words, those who believe they can succeed at challenging tasks are more likely to procrastinate. And for those who think they will fail at complex tasks, procrastination is less likely to happen because they need to be more confident in their abilities. Repeat this switchword phrase whenever you tend to procrastinate:

UP-MOVE-GO-DO-NOW-CHUCKLE-GIGGLE: increase stamina, remove laziness and postponement, activate your personality, and love your work.

GO: end lethargy; start; advance.

DONE: finish something, meet a deadline, keep a promise, or build your willpower; aim for completion.

Switchwords for Fear of Failure

You may be wondering why we bothered to include this topic. Well, one of the reasons is that limiting beliefs can play a significant role in how effective you are at your job.

But how do limiting beliefs affect your success? And what are they? There are two broad categories of limiting beliefs: self-limiting and global-limiting. Self-limiting beliefs say that you’re not good enough for your job, that you’re bad at it, or that you’re not capable of doing it well. Global-limiting beliefs say that no one will like you because of a specific aspect of your personality. So, for example, you may believe that if people don’t want you, what kind of person will they like?

Dr. James Kendrick, a psychologist, found support for global-limiting beliefs in his study. People who thought they were very successful were more likely to believe that how other people saw them limited their ability. They were less likely to think they were good at something because they were competent at it.

The problem is the assumption you make when you come to work every day. You assume your performance will reflect how well you do your job, for example, there is a good chance that if you don’t perform as expected, others will view you negatively because of what they perceive to be your limitations at work.

Another study conducted by Drs. Adam Grant and Michael Norton discovered evidence of self-limiting beliefs among office workers in Silicon Valley. These workers pretended they were better than they were during an assessment period. They gave false feedback on paper reports and mock interviews. The researchers discovered self-limiting beliefs among workers who faked their productivity (the amount of time worked) but didn’t feel productive enough to do so. Fascinating results.

Repeat these switchword phrases whenever you experience fear of failure.

ELATE-MAGNANIMITY-OFFER-PERSONAL: Turn your failures into chances to grow, stop being petty, be generous, and get rid of your greed to be successful.

BLUFF-PERSONAL-BLUFF: fear of failure

BLUFF-OPEN-MOVE-NOW: Get rid of your fear and anxiety, let go of your inhibitions, slow down your breathing, shake off your lethargy, and act on a good impulse.

Sunflower-GRASS-CRYSTAL-HORSE-CONSIDER: Dissolve and neutralise the blocks that memories, beliefs, and rules are putting in the way of your happiness. Make yourself useful, get the facts straight, and look to the future. Improve your self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence.

Switchwords for Perfectionism

You can be a perfectionist in one field of work or not. It all depends on the field and your perspective. You’re not alone if you’re not like that. Some people are so focused on their work that they do it without regard for life outside the workplace. What makes perfectionism dangerous?

Perfectionism can also lead to burnout when you are never happy with your achievements and always strive to improve. Even worse, it can lead to leaving projects unfinished because you are never satisfied (see also disorganisation below). Also, it can lead to a life where you constantly work and never make time for family, friends, or hobbies. Repeat these switchword phrases to address your need for perfectionism:

BLUFF-EMBRACE-Mea Culpa-EVAPORATE-Jelly- Serendipity: dispel worries and anxiousness, give and receive complete acceptance, acknowledge that you are human and can make errors, but also have the spirit, ability, and power to make things right again; transform; mingle with your environment; allow for shifting of ideas; see beyond the current focus; open blind spots; make connections; form new bridges of thought; discern new paths for discovery; and bring pleasant surprises and fortunate happenstances, often when least expected.

CONSIDER-CHANGE: Consider fixing your perfectionism.

NOW: End procrastination; act on a good impulse.

Switchwords for Disorganisation

Disorganisation is the dismal condition of being unable to get things done often because of perfectionism. We tend to be afraid of failure and rush things. We want to be perfect, so we fail, make mistakes, and cannot manage our time or organise tasks at work. This is a big problem when you are in a position where you have to succeed at work. Repeat these switchword phrases to become more organised:

RESTORE-DivineORDER-ELATE-ON-PUT-TAKE: Eliminate going around in circles due to being unorganised.

Coconut Tree-PERSONAL-NEXT: Defuse lack of purpose, be a success, finish lots of meticulous work, and repeat. This switchword phrase works well for being a “Jack of all trades and master of none.”

BUZZ-WITH-DivineORDER: Kick your tasks into high gear and immerse yourself in efficiency.

Switchwords for Unclear Goals

Many people have had unclear goals for success at work their entire lives. The most important aspect is that your goals must be clear and concise. Your goal must be specific and measurable to know precisely where you want to go. For example, if you want to be a better writer, a clear definition of what it means to be a better writer would be, “I want to write more words than other people.” But knowing what you want in life is essential before setting clear goals. You need your personal and work lives to be balanced. Therefore, you need clarity on what you do in your work life to get on with your work effectively, efficiently, and creatively.

Repeat these switchword phrases when you need to find direction in your life:

CRYSTAL-GUIDE: Clarify the situation and allow yourself to know the way.

POINT-LISTEN-CRYSTAL-RAINBOW-Fountain: Find direction, connect to your inner being, make things clear, make your life colourful and conscious, be open to abundance, have faith in the future, trust in the life cycle, know that everything can be, is, and always will be okay, and remember that hope springs eternal.

Switchwords to Deal with Toxic Colleagues

You might have the perfect job at the ideal company, but you must deal with toxic colleagues who are not on your side. Toxic colleagues may make you dread going to the office. They can be your supervisor, a peer, or even someone whom you supervise. The main obstacle here is dealing professionally with them and knowing that you must work with them daily. Therefore, you must keep calm, no matter what they do to you. You might also have to deal with someone who needs to perform better in their job.

Another problem you might face is having people take advantage of your kindness. You will have people come up to you asking for favours. Even though you want to help them out, there’s a fine line between helping out and giving away your time and energy for free when it comes down to the company’s time and energy.

Repeat these switchword phrases when dealing with toxicity in your workplace:

SAGE-GUARD-BE: Protect yourself from negative energies around you. Be unaffected by toxic colleagues.

SAGE-WALL-UP-QUIET-Bypass-SHUT-BE: Get rid of negative and opposite energies, feel more secure, protect yourself from outside influences, quiet the ego, stop looking for trouble, and don’t let ridicule or negative or opposite energies bother you.

BE-WATCHMAN-GUARD: Be at peace, stay healthy, and don’t let ridicule, harmfulness, or the opposite energy get to you. Feel safe, secure, and protected.

ADJUST-Amoeba: Amoeba is a defusing word that stops people from going too far. No matter how much we want to “help,” we hurt them and ourselves when we take on other people’s responsibilities. Encourage other people as they learn to take care of what’s theirs, build trust, and make you a better supporter. In return, we improve our lives by trying to be the best versions of ourselves.

KEEP-Amoeba-WALL-GUARD-UP-SOMEHOW-Bypass: Be protected, use your energy to be your authentic self, protect yourself from outside influences, protect your body, spirit, and property, get rid of thoughts of inferiority, be happy, let go of the details and let it go, and stop feeling like you have to take part in things you don’t want to.

Bonus Switchwords When You Need More Confidence and Courage

Listen to these switchwords whenever you face a situation at work where you need more confidence and courage for a specific work situation:

Switchwords to use to boost your courage and confidence

SWING: To have courage

HORSE: To have more confidence.

Also, read this post about switchwords.

Having a Balanced Work Life is Important

However, while success at work is essential and the switchwords for success at work will help you, work shouldn’t be your entire life. Goals, hobbies that you enjoy, friends, and family should all be important parts of your life. But your success and happiness at work are vital for another reason: it’s where you spend a considerable chunk of time every week.

The hours we put in at our jobs add up to a lot of time—think about it: if you have a 40-hour job, you spend 20% of every week there! It is essential to spend time working with people who respect you and are helping to make you more successful in your career. Equally important is the time you spend away from work, which must enrich you and make you a whole person. Repeat these switchwords for a more balanced life:

TOGETHER-TAKE-PERSONAL-DIVINE-EASE-ADJUST: Be focused, be a good leader, be successful, improve your ability to do miracles, make things easier, and find balance.

If you are going to succeed at work, you need to prepare yourself for the daily stressors and challenges ahead of you. Switchwords for success at work can help you with new beginnings at work. We all know that work can be stressful and challenging at times. If you are not prepared for the challenges ahead of you, it can be easy to get caught up in the stress and anxiety of your job. One way to prepare for the challenges of work is to use switchwords for success at work.

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