34 Switchwords For Money: Overcome Limiting Beliefs

34 Switchwords For Limiting Money Beliefs Experience The Magic  Emily Watson Books

Finding your way through the maze of limiting beliefs about money is hard because of many aspects that are deeply ingrained in your mind. Your upbringing, social norms, and personal experiences frequently influence how you think about money.  That is why using switchwords for money to overcome limiting beliefs can help you figure out what is holding you back financially and also change how you think about your finances.

Discover the magic of switchwords. This post gives you 34 switchwords (including switchword phrases) to use to change your limiting beliefs about money. I have used switchwords since 2016, and they have consistently helped me in my life since then.

Explaining Limiting Beliefs About Money

Limiting beliefs are deeply held thoughts, convictions, or perceptions that affect how you act, what you do, and ultimately, your potential. These beliefs hold you back from success, growth, and happiness because you put them up against yourself. They frequently result from past events, the way society has raised or conditioned you, or from repeated assertions that you take to be true about yourself or the world around you. Your attitude towards wealth and plenty is based on deeply held beliefs that come from your experiences and how you’ve been taught to see things. 

Limiting beliefs about money often stem from conditioning and experiences that you have been exposed to throughout your life. This could include your upbringing, societal norms, education, personal experiences with money, and your understanding of finance and wealth. Numerous psychological factors, such as a scarcity mindset, lack of self-worth, fear of failure, or fear of success, can also have an impact on these beliefs.

Signs of having limiting beliefs about money include:

1. Believing that money is the root of all evil or that wealthy people are greedy or immoral. This belief can limit a person’s desire to accumulate wealth.

2. Thinking that there is never enough money. This scarcity mindset can prevent you from feeling satisfied with what you have and can create constant stress and worry about finances.

3. Believing that you do not deserve to be wealthy or that you are not capable of managing a lot of money. This belief can limit your potential to earn and save money.

4. Having a fear of success or a fear of failure. These fears can prevent you from taking risks and pursuing opportunities that could lead to financial success.

5. Believing that money can’t buy happiness. While it is true that money alone cannot guarantee happiness, this belief can prevent you from striving for financial stability and security, which can contribute to your overall well-being.

6. Thinking that it’s hard to make money. This belief can discourage you from trying to earn more and can limit your career or investment choices.

7. Believing that you need to work hard and long hours to earn money. This can lead to workaholism and burnout and prevent you from finding balance and enjoyment in your life.

8. Having a negative general outlook or scepticism about investing, thinking it’s too risky or it’s not for people like you. This can prevent you from growing your wealth.

Changing these limiting beliefs about money requires self-awareness, education, and sometimes professional help, like a financial advisor or a therapist. However, you can also try switchwords.

What Are SwitchWords And How Can They Help With Your Limiting Beliefs About Money?

James T. Mangan created the idea of switchwords, which are essentially “one-word affirmations” or a mantra that aim to influence and reach your subconscious mind in order to change your thinking and behaviour. The idea behind switchwords is that by repeatedly using certain specific words, you can “switch” your mindset and energy to resonate with the energy of the word, leading to positive changes in your life. You can repeat, chant or write them as many times as you wish, or at least twice a day.

In terms of overcoming limiting beliefs about money, switchwords can be used as tools to break down these mental barriers. For example, if you hold a limiting belief such as “I don’t deserve to be wealthy,” repeating the switchwords “TOGETHER-DIVINE-COUNT” might help. “TOGETHER” is often used for mastering any activity, “DIVINE” is for extraordinary good luck, and “COUNT” is to make money. When you regularly affirming these words, you can start to replace the limiting beliefs with more empowering ones related to money, wealth and abundance.

Switchwords can also be pivotal in manifestation, the process of bringing something tangible into your life through belief and expectation. They work by aligning your conscious intent with your subconscious mind, which is often seen as the driving force behind manifestation. If, for example, you want to manifest more wealth in your life, using switchwords like “FIND” (to receive a dividend) or “COUNT” (to increase money) can help create a powerful, positive affirmation that aligns with this intent. By consistently using these switchwords, you’re effectively communicating your desires to your subconscious mind, thereby facilitating the manifestation process. 

One-Word Switchwords For Money: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Here are some switchwords for money that can help overcome your limiting beliefs and release old patterns:

COUNT: This is a classic switchword to get money. It represents the idea of making money and encourages the subconscious mind to think about wealth accumulation.

FIND: This switchword helps you ‘find’ opportunities to gain more money, whether it’s a new job, an investment, or even finding money in unexpected places.

BRING: This switchword is effective for creating success and bringing wealth into your life. It can help you bring new opportunities for earning money.

CANCEL: This is a useful switchword to eliminate debt or any negative beliefs about money. It works by cancelling out negative thought patterns.

DIVINE-COUNT: When combined, these switchwords bring about unexpected money and miracles. “DIVINE” brings good luck and “COUNT” stands for money.

MAGNANIMITY: This switchword helps to overcome the limiting belief that you must hoard money. It encourages generosity and the belief that there’s enough money for everyone.

TOGETHER-DIVINE-COUNT: This combination is good for those who feel they don’t deserve money or have difficulty managing it. “TOGETHER” is for mastering the situation, “DIVINE” brings good luck, and “COUNT” stands for money.

PLETHORA: This switchword is for abundance. It helps to overcome the limiting belief of scarcity by instilling the idea of plenty.

GIVE: This switchword helps to overcome the belief that if you give money away, you’ll have less. It encourages the belief in the flow of money – that the more you give, the more you receive.

REACH: This switchword can help if you feel stuck in your financial situation. It encourages your subconscious mind to ‘reach’ for more and strive for financial improvement.

BE: This switchword helps to instill the belief that you are already abundant, which can attract more clients and wealth into your life.

GIVE: This switchword helps to increase sales for your small business or any other sale you want to make.

Switchword Phrases For Overcoming Limiting Money Beliefs

Try the following switchword phrases for overcoming limiting money beliefs and for more financial freedom:


ADD-PERFECT-CLOUDS-CALM-COUNT-NOW-DONE:  Shift your focus from scarcity to prosperity.

FIND-MAGIC-SURPRISE: For money to come into your life in expected and unexpected ways. 

IMAGINE-HOLE-COUNT-VOILA:  Attract and make money miraculously

MAGIC-BUBBLE: expand beyond any perceived limitations and move on from only focusing on the negative

ENABLE-PARADISE: Empowerment enables limitless possibilities, offering the means to achieve anything.

 OPEN-SKY-PURSUE-(name your target): Direct your focus towards your goal by releasing inhibitions that prevent you from reaching for the sky

FREEDOM-UNPLUG-BUBBLE-SOAR-SKY-PILOT-GIVE: Break through limits and self-imposed limits. 

OPEN-SKY-RESTORE-DivineORDER-PURSUE-Piggy Bank-PURSUE-COUNT: Reach beyond your limitations. Bring order to your financial life. Control your spending. 

BEETHOVEN-Kaleidoscope: reach beyond limitations, take control of your life and make your desired changes.

BE-PERFECT-SKY-HEART-FLOWER: Let go of limitations and feel fulfilled. 

ALIGN-KEEP-53-SKY-CRYSTAL-BUBBLE: Let go of limitations; expand beyond perceived limitations, learn.  

ANCHOR-PERSONAL-BE-CONTINUE: Anchor your feelings, thoughts and beliefs about being successful and accomplished. 

AMAZING-FREEDOM-VICTORY:  Find inspiration, shed limitations, and achieve your goals.

Sunflower-GRASS-CRYSTAL-HORSE-CONSIDER:  Break down and get rid of the barriers that old memories have created.

CANCEL-CANCEL-CANCEL-LIMIT-SHUT-HOLD:  limiting the expenses that others cause for your finances.

OPEN-ALLOW-CLOUDS-SPEED-BLESSED-BE: Overcome inhibitions, liberate your mind, grasp abundance, attract prosperity, embrace serenity, gratitude, and positivity.

POSTPONE-BLUFF-CANCEL-COVER-BRING-CHARM-SUDDENLY-CLOUDS:  Achieve the manifestation of wishes and bring your heart’s desires into reality by eradicating fears, negativity, and anxieties regarding money and the future, without fixating on them.

Keep in mind that for these 34 switchwords for money and overcoming limiting beliefs about money to work effectively, they must be repeated often with belief and intention. It’s also beneficial to visualise the outcome you desire while saying your switchwords.

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