Can You Heal Yourself With The Ho’oponopono Method?

How Can You Heal Yourself With The Ho'oponopono Method?

Can you heal yourself with the Ho’oponopono method? The answer is yes, you can. The Ho’oponopono method is a powerful technique that can help you heal yourself through forgiveness therapy. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who used it to heal both himself and his patients, introduced this healing method to Hawaii.

The Hawaiian word “Ho’oponopono” literally means “to make right, to correct.” This helpful practice could be called self-healing or forgiveness therapy because there’s not much else involved. How can you heal yourself with the Ho’oponopono method? You simply repeat simple mantras while focusing on your health problems or issues that need healing.

What is The Ho’oponopono Method?

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian self-healing practice involving making an inventory of your life. You then clean your inner world of any negative thoughts weighing you down. You must repeat four mantras while letting go of stronger feelings or memories each time you repeat the mantra until you feel a sense of pure love and joy.

It’s a method that teaches you how to stay in the present moment and forgive yourself for past mistakes so that you are free of negative thoughts and emotions. The four mantras (Ho’oponopono prayer) that you must repeat are as follows:

  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

Four forces are at work in the Ho’oponopono prayer: repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. Repentance is a state of feeling sorry for all the wrongdoings committed in the past and also feeling that one has done something wrong. On the other hand, forgiveness is a positive action to pardon another for all the wrongs committed against them. Gratitude is the attitude of being thankful for what you’ve been given or bought. Lastly, love is a state of affection for someone or something. These forces can provide insight into what we really want and help us achieve it.

Is There Scientific Proof That This Method Works?

If you’re looking for scientific proof of something like Ho’oponopono before trying it out yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure right from the start. However, while doubt is understandable, you don’t need anything other than your own experience of this practice working (or not) within yourself to know whether or not it has value for YOU specifically.

Even though the feeling of absolute joy when repeating the four mantras is very real, it can be hard to tell whether it will last. The good news is that you can test it for yourself without spending too much time on it.

Do You Need A Teacher To Heal Yourself With The Ho’oponopono Method?

You don’t need a teacher for this method. You can learn it from a book or video or from someone who has studied it. Joe Vitale is an expert author on the topic. You can also learn from a friend who has experience with the practice or even from talking to your therapist about it. Join the Facebook group for this method, where you will find incredible insight and be able to read about others’ experiences. I also like listening to this Ho’oponopono song.

Do You Need To Be Religious?

While Ho’oponopono is not a religion, it can be practised by anyone of any faith or none. You don’t have to be religious to apply the principles that Ho’oponopono teaches, as they are universally accepted.

How Long Does The Ho’oponopono Method Take to Work?

If you’re new to the Ho’oponopono method, you may wonder how long you have to say these four phrases while focusing on your health issues. The short answer is that there are no rules or expectations, as everything is subjective. Some people might notice a change quickly, while others might take more time. The important thing is to remain aware of the thoughts running through your mind throughout the process.

Do whatever you can to focus on your issues while repeating the mantras. If you’re hoping for a particular outcome from this process, such as clearing your acne, allow yourself to believe and trust that it will happen eventually. If you don’t get the result you want right away, don’t give up! Like most things worth having in life, it may take some time before it happens. Be patient and trust that your efforts are doing good and will bear fruit in due time.

How Many Times Should You Repeat The Ho’oponopono Method?

The short answer to this question is as often as it takes. The longer answer is that the number of times you repeat Ho’oponopono may differ from the number of times someone else repeats it. Ho’oponopono is a process, not an event—it’s meant to be cyclical, and it’s meant to involve repetition.

There is, therefore, no limit as to how many times you should repeat Ho’oponopono. Even if you have just one speck of discord in your life and repeat Ho’oponopono for it, you will see a difference immediately. There’s an exciting story about the power of repetition in The Power Of Now. Once, a student asked his teacher, “How can I overcome my anger towards my father?” The master said, “Repeat the following phrase 108 times daily: ‘Father, I’m sorry for being angry with you. I love you.'”

It seems pretty straightforward, but it works!

How you can heal yourself with the Ho’oponopono method concerns a process of forgiveness, the most pivotal aspect of life and healing. And like any other form of healing, forgiveness isn’t instantaneous—it needs constant attention because it doesn’t just happen in a single moment but happens over time.

Ho’oponopono hinges on repetition and practice because you can’t just choose to forgive; it has to become a habit and a way of life. So you repeat the process until it becomes second nature—until you’re no longer thinking about it or deliberating on whether you should forgive someone or not. You do it automatically. And when that happens, you’ll know that your spiritual growth has progressed enough to begin taking steps towards more advanced concepts like unconditional love and divine abundance.

Does It Matter In What Order You Say the Ho’oponopono Prayer?

I’ve been reading a lot of different websites and books that talk about Ho’oponopono, and they all seem to give instructions on how to say the prayer differently. Some tell you to start with “I love you,” others ask you to start with “I’m sorry,” or others have you begin with “Forgive me.” Therefore, repeat these mantras in whatever order works best for you.

Since the result of Ho’oponopono is to clean your inner world and make room for more positive energy, one way you can tell if it’s working is by looking out for signs of more positive energy in your life.

Let’s say you are prone to being a people-pleaser. You may find yourself saying no more often when people ask you favours. In that case, this could be a sign that Ho’oponopono is working. Another way to see whether Ho’oponopono works for you is by paying attention to your body language. If you notice yourself smiling more, this could be another sign that there has been some positive result.

To conclude: How can you heal yourself with the Ho’oponopono method?

The best way is to let go of any expectations about the outcome or how long it will take; keep repeating those four mantras until they become second nature.

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