Free EFT Tapping Script For Anxiety

Free tapping script for anxiety

Our free EFT tapping script for anxiety will help you calm down when you need it most. Anxiety is a constant state of worry based on thoughts that cause you to feel uncomfortable. In other words, it’s the feeling that something awful will happen if you don’t act quickly, or something terrible will happen if you do.

Experiencing anxiety is a personal experience often associated with fear, worry, or different feelings like sadness or guilt. Many aspects can contribute to this anxiety: physical, chemical, social, and psychological. In this state, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol to prepare for the fight-or-flight response. In this post, I want to suggest using EFT tapping when you feel overwhelmed with anxiety or feel a panic attack coming and need some immediate relief.

EFT Tapping For Anxiety

There is no denying that anxiety can be a challenging condition to live with your entire life. It can also be one of the most debilitating conditions to face in our modern world, which is why I feel so strongly about telling you about EFT tapping.

Before I begin, let’s start with a little bit about what EFT tapping is.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, a way of releasing negative emotions and stuck energy. Stuck energy or an emotion means that it’s too powerful and cannot be released without breaking the hold it has on a person’s body or mind. When you think of an emotion like this, your first reaction may be to try to push it out by using physical means (exercise) or medication to help you release it.

With EFT, however, you work with your mind instead of trying to push a feeling out through physical means. EFT is a highly effective tool to help with anxiety and depression. This free tapping script for anxiety will help you get started if you want to try this method. Let’s say that you’re worried about something that has happened, you feel like you’re unable to control things, or you’ve had a bad day. The last thing you want to do is see a doctor. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about the things or events that bother you with a friend or family member. EFT tapping is a type of psychotherapy that doesn’t hurt and is often used to help people deal with their feelings. But you can also use tapping to help with anxiety and depression.

Why EFT Tapping Helps With Anxiety

When you work with your mind, the process becomes much more effective in helping someone resolve their emotional issues because:

  • EFT allows for focusing on only one aspect at a time;
  • You are not stuck in needing to use different techniques all the time;
  • You can go back into your conscious awareness when required;
  • You can focus on only one aspect at a time (you won’t need to worry about different techniques constantly changing).
  • There is no reason to take medication. There will be fewer side effects as there won’t be any medications. This doesn’t mean you’ll never need medication to deal with your anxiety, but EFT is a much better way to help with emotional problems than other non-drug methods you may have tried before.

With EFT tapping, you can get in touch with the energy of your anxiety and find out what’s causing it. Tapping will help you get rid of your anxiety and any other problems that may have caused it. When you do EFT tapping correctly, the wave of energy travels throughout the body and into areas that need relief from their stressors and triggers.

In addition to letting go of negative emotions like fear and anxiety, tapping can also help you let go of the stress-related muscle tension that is holding you back from reaching your full potential. It has been found that when we tap on certain parts of our bodies when we are in certain states, like when we are anxious, the tapping releases emotions that have been stored in those muscles. Tapping relaxes the muscles, making us feel like we can do more in our daily lives. T This can also be used when we want extra relaxation or relaxation before bedtime at night when our minds are tired or stressed out. However, we still want to fall asleep faster than usual because we haven’t relaxed enough!

Susan Jeffers, a clinical psychologist and EFT practitioner, explains that when you’re anxious, you may feel like you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You might notice significant changes in how you act and what you think about, like believing in superstitions or thinking that bad things will happen if you don’t do something right away.

Tap Your Anxiety Away

Watch the video first to get to know the tapping sequence (if you are not familiar with EFT tapping). Our free tapping script for anxiety will relax your mind and body so that you can face your situation better.

Before starting the tapping process, the first step is to concentrate on an unpleasant emotion when it comes to your anxiety. This emotion could be a worry, a fear, or any unresolved issue about a situation you are facing. Now rate this feeling out of 10, with 10 being the highest number that indicates how much anxiety you have. Give your problem a name, for example, my anxiety.

Now tap five to seven times on the nine acupressure points of the body with your fingertips while mentally focusing on your anxiety.

Free Tapping Script For Anxiety

Start with the tapping while repeating the following:
Karate chop (KC) on the side of the hand: Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply and profoundly accept and love myself
Even though I have had this anxiety, I deeply and profoundly accept and love myself.
Even though I have had this anxiety, I deeply and profoundly accept and love myself.
Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply and profoundly accept and love myself.
Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply and profoundly accept and love myself.
Top of the head: this anxiety
Eyebrow: this anxiety
Side of the eye: this anxiety
Under the eye: this anxiety
Under the nose: this anxiety
On the chin: this anxiety
On the collarbone: this anxiety
Under the arm: this anxiety
Tapping on the negatives first (tap five to nine times on each tapping point):
Top of the head: I always have such anxiety
Eyebrow: My heart is racing
Side of the eye: I feel as if something terrible is going to happen.
Under the eye: I cannot think of something else
Under the nose: My body is sweating
On the chin: I feel weak and tired
On the collarbone: And am breathing rapidly
Under the arm: I want to stop, but this little voice in my head keeps telling me that I will not be ok
Top of the head: I have this knot in my belly
Eyebrow: I am so scared
Side of the eye: And cannot control my thoughts
Under the eye: I feel like I will have a panic attack
Under the nose: I don't know how to calm down
On the chin: My body is shaking
On the collarbone: I feel so helpless
Under the arm: and very anxious
Now tap on the positives (tap five to nine times on each tapping point):
Top of the head: That was then and this is now
Eyebrow: I can take control of my anxiety now
Side of the eye: I am safe and in control
Under the eye: I am strong and can overcome this
Under the nose: This feeling is only temporary
On the chin: I love and accept myself
On the collarbone: I am always safe and protected
Under the arm: I choose to believe in myself
Top of the head: I give my body permission to relax
Eyebrow: I am in charge
Side of the eye: I can move past this moment
Under the eye: I choose to feel calm
Under the nose: I release my anxiety
On the chin: I am brave
On the collarbone: Every day, in every way, I feel better and better
Under the arm: I am not my anxiety
Top of the head: I will also survive now as I have done before
Say "Peace" (take a deep breath in and then out and drink a glass of water).
Consider your rating out of 10 for how you feel and repeat the tapping until you feel enough relief. Try to reach at least a number 3 or lower each time you tap. Return to tapping whenever you feel the need to relieve your anxiety.
I hope that you will benefit from this session and this free tapping script for anxiety.

Listen To This Audio While Tapping

Listen to this audio while tapping the above free tapping script for anxiety.

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